Community Work

Workshops and performance

In many ways, I consider and approach much of my teaching and performing as community work, an opportunity to make a positive impact on peoples lives. Help develop, or encourage the development of new musical skills, personal growth and enhanced wellbeing.

My previous community engagements include:

  • Performing on children’s wards at St Bart’s hospital, with Ben Davis and Idris Rahman
  • Arts Council funded workshops for school children with Oriole for Reading Arts.
  • Workshops at Cheltenham Jazz Festival with Oriole Brazil
  • Numerous other school workshops with various bands

I am currently helping run Arts Council funded workshops for children and young adults with Robin Hopcraft and Idris Rahman at Charter School Dulwich and Raw Material (Youthsayers, see below).


I’m really proud to be part of the Youthsayers teaching team set up by Idris Rahman and Robin Hopcraft from Afro Reggae band Soothsayers.

Youthsayers – click image for website

Youthsayers is a creative music opportunity for young people aged between 11 to 18 year olds living in the Lambeth area. The project was created in 2016 in collaboration with Raw Material, School Ground Sounds and Lambeth Music and we are funded by Arts Council England.

Run by professional musicians and teachers from established international performing and recording band, Soothsayers. We are offering the chance to work with us and other young musicians on a set of Afro-beat, reggae / dub influenced music.

Learn about the music business and develop musical and project directing skills, and, of course, you will be performing your work as well.