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Guitar lessons – popular styles

Whether you need extra help with your graded exam, want to learn how to play guitar because it’s fun and rewarding, or need lessons for your child (up-to-date DBS certificate attached below), I can help you.

Above all, I try to make lessons clear and enjoyable but also help with:

  • Learning your favourite songs or pieces accurately
  • Learning the fretboard and understanding some theory
  • Techniques to help you play with more ease
  • Timing issues, by using backing tracks and loops
  • Understanding a variety of styles; rock, pop, blues, jazz, world and folk
  • Scales, theory and ear training, if you are interested

Beginners, advanced, old, and young students are all equally welcome.

I can teach you songs and pieces of your own choice, see the scores section. I have also found that the structure of Trinty College Rock and Pop books and graded exams are a great structured way to learn.

My teaching experience includes many years in London schools for Wandsworth County Council,Weekend Arts College, Youthsayers, Southwark Blue Note,Community Music, The Academy of Contemporary Music and privately. With students successfully passing trinity college exams from initial to grade 8.

All lessons are currently online due to Covid-19, this can be preferable in some ways, as students are comfortable in their own space. I teach via Skype or Zoom and have a great setup, so both the video and the sound are very clear.

The Guardian “prolific guitarist-composer Jonny Phillips seems to have tunes coming out of his ears.”

Record Collector  “Ravishingly beautiful” ****

BBC Music Magazine “Outstanding” *****

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