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Various rock and pop

These are various scores I’ve worked out for students, they don’t all necessarily reflect my personal taste, but there are many classics. They are either 100% accurate or made easier on purpose, either way, they are good studies for learning pop and rock guitar. I have got individual parts properly[…]

In Development

Information on new projects and compositions This is the most important of all the pages of this website, the future.

Straight no Chaser – Song for the Sleeping

This album is the latest broadside from the F-ire collective, and Oriole are one of those groups that avoid the obvious choices of instrumentation, coming instead with the colours of the bass clarinet and cello in the mix- reminiscent of a modern day Chico Hamilton. The combination of Seb Rochford’s[…]

Jazzwise – Song for the Sleeping – Review

More downtown New York than south east London, Oriole proves how open-minded young British based improvisers are these days. As you’d expect from members of the fire collective, guitarist Jonny Phillips outfit includes artistry and adventurism in their vision of jazz, yet Oriole ultimately displays more lyrical and worldly traits[…]

The Independent – Song for the Sleeping – Review

Oriole “song for the sleeping” (F-ire, via proper music) led by Jonny Phillips, Oriole are a group that are part of the F-ire collective, a group of musicians that focus on improvisation evoking Phillips’ travels in such areas as Eygpt, Brazil and Spain, the album blends various middle eastern sounds[…]

The Glasgow Herald – Song for the Sleeping – Review

The F-IRE collective represents some of the London jazz scene’s most energetic and imaginative young musicians, and it’s the imaginative aspect that features strongly on its latest release. Led by guitarist and composer Jonny Phillips, Oriole is a nonet, including cello, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet and keyboards, with influences straddling[…]