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Jazzwise – Migration – Review

After the thunderous success of Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear, lets hope that Oriole are the next F-IRE Collective band to break. But when it happens expect a quiet storm. A delightfully folksy outfit, Oriole’s rich cinematic tapestries mature on their second album into rustic, languid world music. Venezuelan, Brazilian, Spanish and African melodies are re-imagined, swirling into a musical mosaic that feels as spiritualy uplifting as a Paulo Coelho novel. Although ‘Sunshine Continuous’ has a funky joyful township feel, much of the album shimmers with stripped down ballads anchored by composer Jonny Phillips’ delicate acoustic guitar – the child like gospel of ‘Two Smiles’ for example or the mournful ‘First Flight’ lifted by percussionists Adriano Itauna and Seb Rochford. Ingrid Laubrock sounds great of course, but its cellist Ben Davis who steals the show, his emotionaly wrought playing compelling throughout.