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The-Guardian Every-New-Day – Review

Contemporary jazz is more often categorized by nervy rhythmic restlessness rather than by luxurious sensuality ? but British F-ire Collective guitarist Jonny Phillips infuses swaying Latin grooves with Jazz urgency.

Phillips?s beautiful song-shaped themes are delivered by a F-ire supergroup that includes Polar Bear?s Seb Rochford on drums and New York-resident Ingrid Laubrock. The music, and the recording, quietly blaze like an Iberian summer, but the tautness and punch of Nick Ramm?s keyboard-playing, the borderline atonalisms of Laubrock, the quirkily sublime percussion partnership of Rochford and the Brazilian Adriano Adewale give the music contemporary muscle and are among the telling elements in a set that sounds like the backdrop to an unsentimentally romantic movie that would be really worth seeing. JF

May 4th 2012