Jazzwise – Migration – Review

After the thunderous success of Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear, lets hope that Oriole are the next F-IRE Collective band to break. But when it happens expect a quiet storm. A delightfully folksy outfit, Oriole’s rich cinematic tapestries mature on their second album into rustic, languid world music. Venezuelan, Brazilian,[…]

Straight no Chaser – Migration – Review

“Migration” is Orioles second album – a rich mix of South American folklore, traditional and religiously rooted music. Prepare to travel to dusty side roads , lively market places and the great outdoors as the album encourages you to discover and experience. Orioles composer and guitarist Jonny Phillips teams up[…]

Jazz at Ronnie Scotts – Migration – Review

“Oriole is a strange and beautiful blend of influences, a group that re-imagines Tracy Thorn in a band with Joao Gilberto and Charlie Byrd. Brazilian samba and British folk-rock rarely coalece so seamlessly. Led with great authority by guitarist-composer Jonny Phillips, the ensemble features F-IRE collective notables saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock,[…]

The Birmingham Post – Migration – Review

Jazz CD of the week The second disc from acoustic guitarist Jonny Phillips and his band Oriole is a lovely development of the first and he is so sure of himself in this territory that it leaves the listener feeling thoroughly at home, as if we have been listening to[…]

Jazzwise ? Every New Day ? Interview ? by Selwyn Harris

Jonny Phillips? Oriole is one of the only surviving lineups from the bands that made up the first flowerings of the influential F-ire Collective. The stability of its personnel contrasts with the nomadic wanderings of the Lake District born acoustic guitarist and composer. His desire to experience first hand the[…]


The F-ire collective is probably best known for spawning punk-jazz outfit Acoustic Ladyland. Despite sharing a rhythm section with the latter, F-ire guitarist Jonny Phillips?s Oriole is a bird of a very different feather. Their third album Every New Day (FIRE) was largely written in Cadiz, Spain and is full of[…]

The-Guardian Every-New-Day – Review

Contemporary jazz is more often categorized by nervy rhythmic restlessness rather than by luxurious sensuality ? but British F-ire Collective guitarist Jonny Phillips infuses swaying Latin grooves with Jazz urgency. Phillips?s beautiful song-shaped themes are delivered by a F-ire supergroup that includes Polar Bear?s Seb Rochford on drums and New[…]